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4 Of The Best Ways To Raise Awareness For AIDS

Even as governments pool resources to seek a lasting solution for the HIV/AIDS menace, there is still a lot that the citizens of the world can do to prevent its spread. Key among the preventative measures meant to arrest the prevalence of the terminal illness includes raising awareness about the different aspects of the disease. But how can the responsible agencies and governments organize fruitful awareness campaigns? Here are some of the most effective strategies on how to go about raising the campaign:

1. Talking openly about it

The fact that the disease has continually anguished different countries of the world for close to three decades hasn’t helped raise awareness about it. There is still a large cloud of mystery around the subject with most people unaware of the consequences of contracting the disease to themselves and their immediate dependents. The HIV/AIDS debate has to be adopted at an international level. Educate the populace on everything AIDS-related and encourage them to talk about these openly.

2. Educating the young teens on how to avoid

Young adults and sexually active teens present the biggest threat in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As they go about life unaware of the dangers of contracting the disease, they risk exposure to the terminal illness thus acting as conduits through which the disease passes over to a new generation. Educating them on the life-changing impacts that contracting the disease has on their life and introducing them to preventive methods like safe sex and voluntary testing, therefore, goes a long way in capping its spread.

3. Encouraging and incentivizing free testing

Running television and radio ads encouraging individuals to turn out for free HIV/AIDS testing isn’t enough. These calls have to be incentivized in a manner that helps the populace to overcome their internal fears and show up for the voluntary testing. For instance, governments may promise free access to the drugs and psychological help for the infected and if possible offer them jobs that help them support their households as well as access balanced diets necessary for healthy living.

4. Addressing the stigma and care for the infected

The stigma surrounding the disease plays the most prominent role in discouraging people living with AIDS from seeking help. It also prevents numerous others from testing and therefore increases the risk of the infected but unaware individuals further spreading the disease. However, by addressing and breaking the stigma surrounding AIDS and stigmatization of the infected, more people would be willing to show up for tests with the infected playing a bigger role in helping prevent further spread of disease.