​Keep Your Partner Close, But Your Condoms Closer.

Keep Your Partner Close, But Your Condoms Closer.

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​Julia Fletcher

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I have been diagnosed with AIDS and have relied on many modern discoveries about the disease. I contracted the disease from using needles due to a drug addiction, but have since become sober after seeking help. I now recommend anyone with a drug addiction to seek help from a place like Palmer Lake Recovery. I've had to make major changes since being diagnosed. I changed my diet to fit three rules: no processed food, no cooked food, and no meat. We are prone to accept what’s in front of us without thinking about our natural habits. When I changed my diet to raw food I felt more myself than ever before.

I had my ART treatment regularly. The ART (antiretroviral treatment) helps to prevent the virus from spreading. To put it simply - it restricts the virus in order not to affect the immune system more than it already has. What is more, I forbade myself to worry and cause more stress to my body. My stress levels were as low as my hopes were high. The combination of these three made the virus leave my body as unexpectedly as it came and today I am HIV free.


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